Full Fat Audio FFA 2004 4-kanaals versterker

The FFA-2004 has 4 channels with output up to 1000 W connected to a 2 Ohm load. It has the same thermal capacity and power supply components as used in the higher power models in the range the FFA-4004 and FFA-6004. This gives the FFA-2004 very high thermal capacity and increased reliability so is ideal for installation in very demanding installations. Audio performance is excellent and the punchy sound gives the impression of more power than specified.

Features at a glance

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • G2 DSP option
  • Mains power efficient and cool running
  • Rugged Tour class Aluminium construction
  • Light weight – 9 kg
  • FFA Class D PWM
  • High current switch mode power supply
  • Superb limiter
  • 4 XLR analogue audio inputs
  • 4 XLR parallel outputs.
  • Bi amp Neutrik® speakON outputs
  • Signal Link through
  • Neutrik® powerCON power input
  • PSU soft start
  • Hand built & designed in Hertfordshire, England
  • 5 year factory warranty

Suitable Applications

Small full range loudspeaker for example 5”-10” + 1” driver compliment, smaller bass units 8” -10” drivers.

Public address systems of any kind – peripheral systems in larger installations. AV systems.

High power mid range and HF drivers in multi way installed sound or touring sound systems.

Smaller stage monitors bi amp or full range




FFA – 2004 – 4 x 250W 8 Ohm load, 4 x 500W 4 Ohm load

4 x 1000W 2 Ohm load

Gain 32 dB
THD THD Typical 0.03 4 Ohm 1kHz THD+N


20Hz – 20kHz +- 0.5dB
Controls 40 Point Potentiometer per channel, power on switch
Indicators signal green = -20dB, signal yellow = -3dB, red signal = clip, signal red protect = over current, low AC mains or 3 sec. mute on power up


DC on output, side chain TCA clip limiter circuit


Short circuit, current overload, thermal shutdown, high frequency stability circuit
Audio Signal


Balanced Neutrik® Female XLR input connected Pin 1 – GND, Pin 2 – Hot +, Pin 3 – Cold – . XLR Male signal throughput each channel
Audio Signal


Neutrik® speakON each channel. Channels 1 and 3 output speakON utilises 2+ and 2- connection to allow use of 4 core loudspeaker cable for bi amp loudspeaker system for example stage monitor system


1 x Neutrik® 20A powerCON connector 1 x 16A 230 VAC Circuit. Power range 185V-230VAC

120V (configured at factory)



High CFM 80mm fan with proportional signal speed control. Rear to front airflow
Dimensions 88mm Height x 483mm Width x 510mm Depth. Includes rear rack support. 19″ rack mount enclosure
Weight 9 kg