Res 4

Funktion One RES 4 Touring


The Resolution 4 Touring is a three-way mid-high loudspeaker enclosure perfectly suited for use in medium sized applications.  Typically used two wide for 90 degree overall dispersion, the Resolution 4 can also be used as delay or in-fill with Resolution 5 systems.  Dimensionally identical to the Resolution 5 and 18, this enclosure also shares the same patented point-source flying system making for fast and easily adjustable set up.  All inter-cabinet flying hardware is built into each enclosure leaving no chains, pins or tools to lose.  Furthermore, this system allows secure ground stacking with optimum angle adjustment.  This is a powerful and efficient mid-high enclosure which is designed to be operated as part of a four way system with F218, F121 or F221 bass.  The sonic quality of the Resolution 4 is exceptional.

If the built-in flying system is not required, installation and simplified Res 4 E variants are also available.

Funktion One RES 4 Todring technische tekening


  • Fully horn loaded for high efficiency
  • Funktion One designed Neodymium drivers
  • Integrated inter-cabinet flying system
  • Captive link lead in recessed cable pocket
  • Identical size to Resolution 5 and 18
  • Supplied with protective wheelboard
  • Optional scrim for discrete appearance


Operating Band Sensitivity
(1W at 1m)
Power  (rms)* NominalImpedance
12″ 114 – 445Hz 105dB 300W 8Ω
8″ 445 – 5k77Hz 108dB 200W 16Ω
1″ 5k55Hz – up 109dB 50W  16Ω

*AES rated


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Frequency Response ± 3dB: 114Hz – 18kHz
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Nominal Dispersion:  50° Horizontal x 25° Vertical
Connectors: EP6 panel and captive leadin cable recess