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Deze serie van kleinere speakers zijn perfect in te zetten bij huis-installaties, kleinere (lounge)bars, restaurants en kleine clubs. De speakers zijn compact, maar hebben een hoge output. Voor eenvoudige installatie zijn diverse ophangbeugels verkrijgbaar. Ook kan er voor iedere RAL-kleur gekozen worden, voor zowel de kast als de grill.

Funktion-One Toppen


Funktion-One F5

De F5.2 is een ultra compacte luidspreker die een extreem gebalanceerd en natuurlijke geluidskwaliteit biedt die niet vaak in luidsprekers van dit formaat gevonden wordt.


Funktion-One F55

The F55 ultra compact loudspeaker is the perfect choice for applications requiring wide dispersion near field coverage including bars, theatre front fill, under balcony and domestic use…


Funktion One F81

The F81 loudspeaker delivers great sound and performance from a compact enclosure.  In common with the F101, the smaller F81 also features excellent definition and vocal intelligibility…


Funktion-One F101

The F101 loudspeaker brings Funktion One’s unique sound quality and purity of design to a wider audience than ever before, offering a fresh choice to those searching for sonic involvement…


Funktion One F1201

Funktion One have meticulously applied their purist design approach to the ubiquitous 12” and horn loaded 1” configuration, steering clear of any additional processing or passive network EQ…


Funktion One F88

The F88 comprises two Funktion One designed wide bandwidth 8” loudspeakers with a passive slot tweeter delivering frequencies above 6kHz. Particular attention has been paid to the arrangement…

Funktion-One Subs

SB8 (A)

Funktion One SB8

De SB8 is een extreem compacte, maar toch een krachtige en overtuigende bas luidspreker. Het is de perfecte oplossing voor wanneer een conventionele subwoofer te groot of te opvallend is, zoals bijvoorbeeld restaurants, …

SB10 (A)

Funktion-One SB10 compact sub

De SB10 is een compacte maar toch krachtige en overtuigende bas-luidspreker. Utilising the same design principles as the SB8, the larger SB10 provides higher output and deeper bass. Perfect for applications where a conventionally sized subwoofer is too large and obtrusive..


Funktion One MB112

The MB112 is one of Funktion-One’s most compact bass enclosures. It provides great bass extension to the F55 and F81 loudspeakers in applications such as bars, restaurants and home studios…

MB210 LP

Funktion One MB 210LP

The MB210LP is Funktion-One’s lowest profile bass loudspeaker enclosures. It provides great bass extension to F55, F81 and F101 systems for applications including bars, restaurants and studios…


Funktion One MB212

The Minibass 212 is a compact version of Funktion-One’s patented Infrabass technology. It provides smooth and deep bass extension to mid-high loudspeakers including F88s…

BR 115

Funktion One BR115

This range of Bass Reflex enclosures from Funktion-One address applications requiring deep, strong bass at close range including clubs and high performance monitoring…


Funktion One BR118

This range of Bass Reflex enclosures from Funktion-One address applications requiring deep, strong bass at close range including clubs and high performance monitoring…


Funktion One F118 mk2

The F118 Mk2 is the single 18” version of the F218 offering a more compact horn-loaded enclosure.  In common with the F218, the Mark 2 version brings refined loading, improved heat dissipation and an updated…


Funktion One F215 mk2

The F215 Mk2 offers particularly well defined mid bass from a compact enclosure; bringing new power, clarity and output to an important yet often neglected area of the frequency spectrum…

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