Funktion-One F81.2

Funktion-One F81.2


F81.2 delivers Funktion-One’s signature sound and performance from a compact 2-way design

F81.2 brings the definition, vocal intelligibility and overall clarity that Funktion-One is known for to a small scale cabinet size, making it a highly versatile and cost effective solution for applications including domestic listening, studio monitoring, retail, bars, restaurants and galleries.

Flared bass reflex ports minimise turbulence and maximise our refined cabinet tuning. A high resolution 1” HF device and Funktion-One designed waveguide delivers precise high frequencies to 20kHz.

F81.2 benefits from our minimalist approach to passive crossover design, achieving very low distortion and excellent integration between drivers, to give a stable and engaging image.

NL4 and Phoenix connector variants are combined into a common connector panel, simplifying purchasing and inventory management. Combine with SB10/SB10A or BR115 for compact full range use.

2 x F81.2 with 1 x SB10A makes for an outstanding, highly mobile, self-powered small party system.

F81 technical drawing


  • High sensitivity/electroacoustic energy efficiency
  • Minimalist passive crossover design for maximum resolution
  • Dual NL4 and Phoenix connector combination as standard
  • Various mounting/rigging options (yoke, wall bracket)
  • M6 rigging points
  • Weather resistant, IP55 version available


(1W at 1m)




8″ + 1″ 98dB at 2.8V 100W 8Ω

*AES rated


Usable bandwidth (-3dB): 110Hz – 20kHz
Weight: 5kg (11.5lbs)
Nominal Dispersion: 90° x 60°
Connectors: 2 x Neutrik NL4 and 1 x Phoenix