Funktion One SB210A

Funktion One SB210A


The SB210A is an active bass unit, which has two extra channels for powering a pair of satellite speakers. Answering the demand for Funktion-One sonic quality in home, studio and small entertainment spaces, the SB210A – together with a pair of Funktion-One F55s, F81s or F101s – delivers a complete and easy to set up system.

The SB210A package enables users to experience Funktion-One sound in smaller environments without having to invest in all of the separate elements – speakers, a bass unit, an amplifier or crossover unit. Now those who have experienced the sonic qualities of large format Funktion-One systems can equip their studio, use the system as a home hi-fi, or for small events – such as a gallery exhibition or a small party for up to around 100 people. The extremely low fan noise, which is a fundamental part of the amplifier’s design, minimises any environmental disturbance for noise-sensitive applications, like studios.

Taking a stereo line input from an XLR or quarter-inch-jack connection, the SB210A offers three set crossover points at 100Hz, 125Hz or 150Hz. It features separate level control for bass and for the satellite speakers, and a polarity reverse switch for the bass output. The unit has been designed for the specific requirements of Funktion-One’s drivers and has been optimised accordingly. It comes with limiting and protection configured for both the bass unit and the satellite speakers.

Funktion actieve bas SB210A technische tekening



Self powered bass enclosure with integrated custom designed

three channel 2.1 amplifier to also power a pair of

F55, F81 or F101 loudspeakers.  Great for Studio, Hi-fi and Parties.

Entering production soon, initially available for sale within Europe.

Loudspeaker specifications:

(1W at 1m)
Nominal Impedance
2 x 10″ 105dB 400W 4Ω

*AES rated


Frequency Response ± 3dB: 55Hz – 150Hz
43kg (95lbs) including amplifier
Construction: 15mm Birch Ply
Input Connectors 2 x XLR / Quarter-inch-Jack
Output Connectors:   2 x Speakon NL4


Amplifier specifications coming soon…