Funktion One RES 1.5 TT

Funktion-One Res 1.5 TT


The Resolution 1.5TT is a two-way enclosure specifically designed for mid sized venues with low ceiling heights.  Combining twin 12” drivers as used in the Resolution 1 with the 90 degree dispersion 5“ from the Resolution 1.5, it can be neatly installed tight against a ceiling providing good coverage due to the built-in downward angle of the devices.  Its already strong bass response can be further extended with a wide range of Funktion One bass enclosures, particularly the BR and F series.

Funktion One RES 1.5 TT technische tekening


  • Metalwork allows for close wall or ceiling mounting


Operating Band  Sensitivity

(1W at 1m)



2 x 12″ 25 – 520Hz 103dB 700W 4Ω
5″ 520Hz – up 110dB 75W 12Ω

*AES rated


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Frequency Response ± 3dB: 55Hz – 15kHz
Weight: 29kg (64lbs)
Nominal Dispersion: 90° Horizontal x 25° Vertical
Connectors: 2 x Speakon NL4