Funktion one speaker spraak Res 2S8


The R2S8 has been specifically developed for high quality speech reinforcement applications.  It uses Funktion-One’s advanced cone mid-range technology to produce clear and intelligible sound throughout the vocal band without the harshness usually associated with speech loudspeakers.  The efficient wide-bandwidth 8” driver operates from 250Hz to 8kHz without the need for a separate compression driver.  No corrective equalisation is required and the resulting sound feels perceptibly close to the listener so that messages and announcements sound natural rather than aggressive.

This R2S8 loudspeaker is highly durable and weather resistant and is supplied complete with a stainless steel yoke bracket and mesh grill.

Funktion One Res 2 S8


  • Wide bandwidth with low distortion
  • Compact and light weight
  • Funktion One designed 8” loudspeaker
  • Includes stainless steel mounting yoke
  • Includes stainless steel mesh grill
  • 100V line and fire retardant versions available


Operating  Band Sensitivity 
(1W at 1m)


8″ 250Hz – up 106dB 130W 12Ω

*AES rated


Frequency Response ± 3dB: 250Hz – 8kHz
Weight: 10.5kg (23lbs)
Nominal Dispersion: 50° Horizontal x 25° Vertical
Connectors: Glanded captive lead