Van Damme signaalkabel

Tour grade classic XKE microphone

Van Damme Mic tour kabel

Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE Microphone cable combines flexibility, durability, noiseless operation and excellent handling characteristics. Van Damme microphone cables can be found in film and recording studios, high street music shops, professional touring applications and the education sector.

Black series tour grade UP-OFC Multicore


Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade is an analogue audio multicore range specifically designed to survive the harshest touring conditions and other high stress environments. It is tried, tested and trusted in the live touring field by audio professionals both for its durability and its sonic fidelity.

Ambicore hybride signaal + stroom kabel

The Van Damme Ambicore range is a hybrid multicore with an AES/EBU screened & jacketed pair combined with 0.75 mm², 1 mm², 1.5 mm² or 2.5 mm² jacketed power cables. Very flexible and specified for dynamic use this cable range provides an elegant solution to the problem of integrated signal and power distribution.

Halogeenvrij (LSZH) Purple digilog ecoflex

Van Damme Purple Series Digilog Ecoflex is a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacketed audio multicore specifically for installation use. The use of LSZH cables is becoming a specified essential in public buildings and new build construction projects. Based electrically and mechanically on the Van Damme Green Series range this cable will carry AES/EBU and/or analogue balanced audio as well as paired data signals such as RS485, RS422 and DMX512.

White line install grade LSZH (halogeenvrij)


Van Damme White Line Install Grade LSZH is a Low Smoke Zero Halogen insulated and jacketed cable range. Comprising 3 twin axial speaker cables, a 4 x 2.5 mm² multicore and an AES/EBU 1 pair it is ideal for installation where a neutral jacket colour is required.

Hi-Fi & Studio

A shotgun style twin interconnect cable designed for use with quality phono connectors – such as the Van Damme phono. The 0.63 mm² centre conductor, foam skin polyethylene dielectric and 144 strand braided screen all combine to create a transparent high end interconnect for the finest Hi-Fi systems.

Hybride multi-datakabel

Hybride Van Damme kabel

The Van Damme upgraded Cat 6A hybrid range features 2 and 4 way Cat 6A multicores, 2 Cat 6A and 4 110 Ω analogue/digital audio pairs, and 2 options with power – 2 Cat 6A, 4 110 Ω audio pairs, 1 3 x 2.5mm² HO5 power and 4 Cat 6A, 8 110 Ω audio pairs, 1 3 x 2.5mm² HO5 power. The 23 AWG solid conductor F/UTP Cat cable elements will support Gigabit Ethernet channel link at 100 metres, ideal for the common network protocols used in digital audio and video. The 110 Ω audio pairs are also suitable for DMX512 and other balanced data applications.