Funktion-One Evo X


Evo X is a significant development of the full range, fully horn loaded cabinet concept. Utilising the latest Funktion-One waveguide technology, Evo X provides 90° dispersion and higher SPL.

Evo X’s advanced driver technology delivers market leading resolution and detail. It is an unbeatable choice for live venues, small club spaces and theatres. Capable of high SPL from a relatively compact enclosure, use as a pair for small live music events or as a four point small club system. Combine with the F Series or BR Range of bass loudspeakers for increased low frequency energy.


State of the art Funktion-One sound quality

  • Single loudspeaker solution
  • Wide 90° horizontal dispersion
  • Full range, high SPL
  • High efficiency/low energy consumption design
  • Compact and lightweight (47kg)
  • Funktion-One designed drivers
  • Wide bandwidth Funktion-One midrange (280Hz – 5kHz)
  • New isophase diffraction HF waveguide technology
  • Dedicated transport dolly (wheelboard)

Technische Specificaties

Operating Band Sensitivity
(1W at 1m)
15″ 35/85 – 280Hz 102dB at 2.8V 400W 8Ω
8″ 280 – 5kHz 107dB at 4V 200W 16Ω
1.” 5kHz – 18kHz 109dB at 4V  100W 16Ω