VR1 PoE Remote Control Panel

The VR1 wall panel remote is designed to allow simple and intuitive remote control of specific parameters within NST Audio processors.

The panel is designed to fit into a single-gang standard UK electrical wall box (US and Euro versions available on request). The VR1 is both powered by a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) router, requiring only a single standard Ethernet cable for both power and control.

The VR1 is programmed using the NST Audio D-Net software and can be set-up to allow control of one or more NST Audio processors connected to the same network as the wall panel.

The VR1 allows multiple pages of custom remote access to the following parameters :

  • Channel and matrix gains
  • Routing and channel mutes
  • Preset recall

Once set-up, the VR1 requires no technical knowledge to operate, allowing venue personnel to operate the device with ease. The full colour 128 x 128 pixel LCD display allows all pages to be labelled by the install engineer, leaving venue staff with a clear, simple and easy to use remote which enables them to adjust the configuration and volume of the sound system in multiple locations, throughout the venue.

The VR1 is the perfect accompaniment to any professional venue installation.

Meer informatie: nstaudio.com/vr1/